Add Bigbluebutton Server in Dashbaord > Settings

To Start using the BBBRoom Live Service you must need to add at least one Bigbluebutton Server using the API credentials .

Bigbluebutton Host Support

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Before you Start :

You should have the Bigbluebutton API Credentials (URL & Secret) with you .

Note :

  1. If you don’t have this information saved or this is out of your knowledge, but you own the BigBlueButton server , you may contact us to retrieve the API credentials for you from your BigBlueButton Server .
  2. Our Service will work with Bigbluebutton version 2.4 perfectly .
  3. Bigbluebutton 2.3 will also work but Webcam & Audio Icon will be visible on the Stream .
  4. Bigbluebutton 2.2 will not work with this , You may contact us if you are using 2.2 or 2.3 versions .

By default Settings page will be displayed after Logging In , if at least BBB Server & RTMP Credentials are not added . Else just navigate to after Loging In .

On Settings Page , you will see two buttons for adding BBB Servers & RTMP Endpoints respectively .

Click on “ Add Server “ Button on Right Side

You will see an pop up with three Input Fields as below 

  1. Put a name for the BBB Server you want to add to recognise later
  2. Paste the BBB Server URL of your Self-hosted or Managed BBB Server and add “ api ” at the End of it .   Example :
3. Paste the Secret Key of your Self-hosted or Managed BBB Server as it is 

Then Click on the Right-side button “ Add ”

You can Repeat this above process to Add any number of BBB server you have .

You need to add all the BBB Server for one time . Then you can Live Stream any Meeting room or session running into any of these BBB Servers .

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